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Fair Use Policy

Workfeed’s offering is subject to our fair use principle. We expect the usage of most of our users to fall within the range of our free plan. Our goal is to keep our pricing simple and our limits as permissive as possible. We don’t want you to worry about usage limits and paywalls. When your usage causes pressure on our infrastructure we will contact you to create a custom plan.

Important Notes on System Capacity

Our system is designed to handle a high volume of traffic and requests without any imposed limits. However, to ensure the best possible experience for all users, we recommend staying within reasonable usage guidelines to avoid putting unnecessary pressure on our infrastructure.

Best Practices for a Smooth Experience

To ensure a seamless experience for all users, we recommend the following guidelines:

  1. Number of Projects: For optimal performance, we recommend working on no more than 5 active projects at a time.
  2. Number of Tasks: To maintain a smooth workflow, we suggest keeping the number of tasks per project to a maximum of 2000.
  3. Number of messages: To maintain a smooth workflow, we suggest keeping the number of messages per project to a maximum of 2000.
  4. Storage: To avoid any issues with file uploads and attachments, we recommend keeping the total storage usage per project to no more than 500MB.
  5. Collaborators: For the best collaboration experience, we recommend limiting the number of collaborators per project to 7.

By following these guidelines, you'll be able to enjoy a smooth and efficient experience with our system for free.


If you're unsure about your usage load or need assistance in estimating it, don't hesitate to Contact Us.

Custom plan

When your usage surpasses our Fair Use Policy, we'll offer you a custom plan based on your past usage. You'll receive a monthly invoice at the beginning of each month for this plan.

If you decide not to continue with Workfeed under a custom plan, we'll provide ample time for you to transition to another solution, ensuring minimal disruption to your workflows.