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The simplest way to manage projects

Say goodbye to boring project management tools. Meet Workfeed — the free, intuitive project management tool you’ve been looking for.

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Simple and powerful

Workfeed is designed to help you manage your projects with ease.

Daily Workfeed

Overview of daily tasks and activities.

Kanban Boards

Drag and drop tasks, visualize work stages.


Real-time communication within teams.


Collaborative document editing and sharing.

Designed for you

Start from scratch or explore templates created for you.


  • For entrepreneurs and startups
  • Tracks concept to launch
  • Kanban for milestones
  • Docs for plans and decks


  • For marketing teams
  • Visualizes campaign stages
  • Docs for briefs and content
  • Chat for team coordination


  • For Agile software teams
  • Tracks sprints and features
  • Docs for specs and planning
  • Chat for stand-ups and support


  • For individual use
  • Manages personal projects
  • Kanban for task organization
  • Docs for important notes


  • For educators and institutions
  • Tracks course development
  • Docs for lesson plans and materials
  • Chat for staff collaboration


  • For non-profits
  • Oversees campaign execution
  • Docs for donor lists and details
  • Chat for event coordination

What Our Users Are Saying

Discover how our platform empowers teams to achieve their best work.

This project management tool has simplified our workflow. Recommended!

Avatar of Gohar Khachatryan
Gohar Khachatryan
Product Manager

Workfeed is the best for startups and small businesses. It's simple and powerful.

Avatar of Andranik Avetisyan
Andranik Avetisyan
Founder & CEO

The intuitive design and ease of use make this tool a must-have for any team.

Avatar of Sargis Vardanyan
Sargis Vardanyan
Team Lead

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Workfeed. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.

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